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Good Taste and Good Nutrition

If you love food, and love staying in shape then you know what a challenge it can be to marry the both!

Huush Gourmet was founded to elevate the understanding of good nutrition and infuse it into the culinary world.  

Healthy food is not about eating a salad. 

On the contrary.  Healthy food is about understanding the proper needs of the body and getting the right nourishment.

Enjoying a great plate of food does not necessarily mean a compromise on your waistline. It should satisfy all your senses, make you feel good and nourish you well all in one fell swoop.

This is our goal.  That we should always enjoy a great plate of food and be well nourished.

Charlene Chong

Co-Founder & Nutrition Coach

Instagram: @char_lene_ch

Creativity and Culinary Pleasures

I feel most fulfilled when I can be creative and express myself. 

The kitchen is my playground and the plates my canvas.

Most important of all, the ingredients are an extension of creativity. Respecting and understanding them gives me the ability to draw the best out of them and present them to you.

There is a lack of solid understanding of nutrition in the culinary world. Other attributes are prized rightly or wrongly, and fashionable terms tend to dominate rather than common sense.

In my cooking and baking I aim to marry great taste and good nutrition. I I wish to feed you well and keep you healthy all life long!

Oliver Krstic

Co-Founder & Chef

Instagram: @oliver_krstic_

Oliver is Chief Baker and creator of numerous original Keto and Low Carb creations at Lin Switzerland

- the leading keto bakery in the country.


Oliver and Charlene's Keto and Low Carb Bakery Books are due to be published from August 2023.

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